17 Days Best of Uganda Group Safari

17 Days Best of Uganda Group Safari 




Best of Uganda safari to Mt. Elgon Hiking & Sight seeing – 17 Days

Experience Uganda in a safe but budget-friendly way. From Adrenaline Adventures to safaris in the Wild and plenty of lakes in between community hikes, this tour has something for everyone.

In this Experience you will enjoy uganda  in a comfortable but also adventurous way. All the highlights will be served in this 17 day tour. All lodges have self-contained rooms and are selected for their location and service standard .

This itinerary is the perfect chance to see the incredible African wildlife in some of the most famous wildlife parks in Africa. The trip will take you to all the best parks and each park is unique


You will be welcomed by a representative from our company who will transfer you to a hotel in Kampala or Entebbe .

Ssezibwa Falls Tour Activities.

Ssezibwa Falls is an excellent and convenient place where one can enjoy and experience the wonders of nature. Among the activities a tourist would enjoy include:

  1. Camping
  2. Nature-guided walks (2 trails).
  3. Bird Watching
  4. Scenery view from the top of the falls
  5. Boat drive or canoeing
  6. Community walks
  7. Hiking
  8. Mountain biking


Drive to Jinja; Source of The Nile, Bujagali Falls 

After breakfast in Kampala, our company representative drives you to Jinja. You will have a short visit to Ssezibwa Falls in Mukono on your way to jinja and admire the natural beauty and the wonders of the falls. Be here for about two hours and proceed to Jinja going through the thick Mabira Forest along the way. After lunch Jinja Nile Resort or Hotel Triangle, you will head to the source of the Nile that a British explorer, John Speke alleges to have discovered. You will also go rafting on the Nile River a few kilometres from the source of the Nile. It’s an interesting experience at the Nile falls as you have an evening boating along with other tourists viewing the Nile birds catching fish, scenic view along the Nile the vegetation surrounding the Nile. After in the evening you will be driven to your hotel for overnight and dinner at your booked accommodation. Spend your overnight and enjoy dinner at Jinja Nile Resort or Hotel Triangle.


  •         Journey time: 2 hours
  •         Accommodation: Nile Explorers camp
  •         Meal plan:lunch on the way , dinner and Breakfast

After breakfast,. There are many options this day, including a visit to the Source of the Nile, the Bujagali Falls, floating down on the challenging rapids and relaxing on the shores of the Nile, Rafting activity (optional)  Source of Nile river day trip,  


Meal Plan: Dinner


We depart Jinja and drive to the eastern part of Uganda. Drive through Mbale, a charming town at the foot of the Mount Elgon. This area is full of rich heritage and fascinating culture. With some beautiful view points on the way, we will reach Sipi Village, huddled between mountains and waterfalls. After lunch at the lodge, take a hike to the lovely Sipi Falls. Pass typical African bandas, banana plantations and maize fields while you climb to the different hilly areas of the village.


  •         Journey time: 3 hours
  •         Accommodation: Casa del Turista
  •         Meal plan:lunch on the way , dinner and Breakfast

After breakfast early in the morning we shall drive towards kapchorwa region where we shall go for a hike towards the sipi falls we will  drive through the eastern part of Uganda through beautiful Sipi Falls, on a plateau 1800m above sea level , this place is pretty cold.

The Sipi River flows over the foothills of Mount Elgon, forming a spectacular series of waterfalls (some nearly 100m high), surrounded by village walking trails and lush green coffee-producing hills. You will stay in a wonderful lodge. From your lodge you have beautiful views over one of the waterfalls.


Prepare yourself for a beautiful day in paradise. After breakfast, choose to go on a 3-7 hour or - for the real adventurers - a 5-hour hike through the region. A local guide accompanies us on your hike through villages to view caves covered by these beautiful hilly grounds to explain flora, fauna and culture, you can be certain that you pass many picturesque waterfalls, plantations and caves. Local villagers will be sure to greet you with ‘Jambo!’ and beaming smiles. Hike the remote villages of Kapchorwa’s lower belts. Learn about the lifestyle of an indigenous tribe the sebei. Enjoy the highlight of this trail..

Overnight :                           Casa del turisita


Breakfast, lunches, Dinner


Do you like to explore untouched nature and indigenous cultures? Can you do without luxuries for a few days? And are you ready to hike 7 to 8 hours a day? Then the Mosopisiek Trail (former Ndorobos Trail) is made for you!

In two days you will explore the upper belts of Kween District. A place with an abundance of waterfalls, caves and amazing viewpoints. Guide David, a cultural expert and Community leader, will engage you in the life of his Mosopisiek (Ndorobos) people, a minority group of former hunter-gatherers. There’s a variety of Community activities to enjoy: from elder storytelling to traditional dance & music and from exploring an ancient cave to making traditional handcrafts with Mosopisiek women. You will meet their families (guide) be involved in the dancing rituals which you will not soon forget .


  • Don’t expect any luxury, this activity is for the adventurous and flexible tourist
  • Bring enough warm clothes with you
  • Hike is of moderate difficulty and more challenging in the rainy season, therefore it requires you to be physically prepared


Walk into the wilderness of the Kapchorwa lower belts. Learn about the Kalenjin culture while you beat the challenging animal trails. Enjoy the spectacular and surprising beauty of Sirinda viewpoint and Cheptoi waterfalls. Are you in for some real adventure?


  • This tour leaves at 9am in the morning - from the Home of Friends parking lot - and brings you back at around 3pm. If you choose a full day trip you will return at 6pm
  • We will spend at least 6 hours of hiking, so comfortable and firm walking shoes are highly recommended
  • Optional activities: goat or banana roasting, bow & arrow hunting experience
  • This activity is led by a trained and experienced guide who knows Kapchorwa and its surroundings very well

Set off from Mbale  for Murchison Falls National Park. You will drive via soroti,lira to Masindi district. The trip will provide you with vast eye-catching panoramas and then arrive at the park in the afternoon

. The boat trip will take you to the bottom of the falls where animals like the buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, elephants and plenty of water birds like fish eagles and rare shoebills and many more will not escape your sight ,after we will hike to the top of the falls for ( 2 -3 hours ) where the Nile perfects its splendor. Here you will see the calm Nile dipping its self through a narrow gap to fall a gap of about 150 ft down mixing up out a loud roar of white water, an incredible view! (must see) Cross over to the park  for dinner and overnight at Red chilli rest camp

After breakfast, start the early morning game drive before dawn to catch up with the early risers. This exciting game drive will offer you with animals like the jackals, hyenas,lots of  giraffes, lions, antelopes of different species, herd of elephants and the Uganda kob among others. Retreat back to the lodge for a rest

Get ready for an early excursion to Budongo Forest. You will take part in an early morning walk in this vast forest where you will get to see a variety of primates and chimpanzees. This forest has one of the highest primate concentrations in the whole world. You will see families of chimpanzees, baboons, colobus monkeys and other primates swinging freely between the forest trees we will drive to  ziwa Rhino sanctuary after lunch,its an hours drive nothing much at ziwa just rhinos   and a few antelopes your accommodation will be at Amuka safari  lodge or any similar accommodation.


Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest national park measuring about 3,840 square kilometers (1,480 sq mi). The park is part of the 5,308 square kilometers (2,049 sq mi) Murchison Falls Conservation Area (MFCA). Murchison Falls National Park is located in Masindi District in western Uganda and in Amuru in northern Uganda. The park is a habitat to the large African wild animals including: Water buffalo, elephant, Crocodile, Lion, Leopard, Hippopotamus, Antelope, Giraffes, Uganda Kob, Oribi and other animals. The Nile River, within the park, is a home of variety of water birds, including the unusual Shoe bill stork.

Discover the rolling savannas and a wide range of wildlife in this action-packed tour to Murchison Falls National Park.

  •         Memorable game drives.
  • Get up close with the rhinos 
  • Excellent lodge and cuisine
  • Never forgetting water falls experiences
  • Most adventurous hiking experience of bottom to top waterfall views and photo captivating moments of the vegetation surrounding at every scene of this forest( this activity is very treacherous) and yet fun.
  •         Journey time: 1.5 hours
  •         Accommodation: Fort portal lodge
  •         Meal plan: Breakfast and dinner inclusive

 In Semuliki the forest harbors many species from central Africa which cannot found in other parts of Uganda. In the park the forest meets East African savanna grasslands rich with big game.

Your pick-up is set at 7.30am. Drive to Fort Portal by mid-day, stopover for a meal and thereafter continue to Semuliki National Park. Check in at the park offices where you are to meet the park guides and set out to trek the Sempaya Hot Springs trail. Watch out for monkeys and birds along the trek. The springs eject boiling geysers 2 meters into the air. The pool boils at 103oC and to experiment the hotness of the water you will place eggs in the boiling water and indeed within 10 they will be ready to eat. After returning from the Hot Springs trek that will last at least 3 hours then we will  transfer to your accommodation  Ntoroko Game Lodge.



Journey time: 5 hours

Accommodation: not selected.

Meal plan: lunch , dinner and Breakfast.

Have early breakfast and transfer to the ranger station in Toro-Semuliki wildlife reserve, meet the rangers for briefing before setting out for the trek in Semuliki Forest to track a group of Monkeys & other specie of wilds in this thick forest. You are also chanced to observe plenty of wildlife unique to the park. This is an extension of the Ituri forest of the Congo and thus contains many central African bird, plants and animals species which are not found in any other park of Uganda. After forest the vegetation cover is continued by the East African savanna grasslands. Finding the chimps is not guaranteed because they move widely, from the forest to the savanna as they search for food. The rangers monitor their movements and will do their best. The trek also offers wonderful views of the Semuliki escarpment and the lush rift valley landscape. We will also view the sempaya hot springs.

In the afternoon you shall transfer to a local community of people who were relocated in this village who used to stay all their life in the forest .


Journey time: 3 hours

Accommodation:  Kazinga Channel view resort

Meal plan: Dinner , and Breakfast.

Morning early breakfast and go for a game drive later in the afternoon we shall have a boat trip along kazinga channel to view game .This is a big stream of water joining lakes Edward and George in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The 2 hour rides will give you great sightings of hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants and other animals and lots of birds along the banks and are spotted a few meters from the boat. This cruise is great for photography as you have a very close view of wildlife.

Morning early breakfast and go for a game drive later in the afternoon we shall have a boat trip along kazinga channel to view game .This is a big stream of water joining lakes Edward and George in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The 2 hour rides will give you great sightings of hippos, crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants and other animals and lots of birds along the banks and are spotted a few meters from the boat. This cruise is great for photography as you have a very close view of wildlife.

After breakfast you shall transfer to Ishasha part of Queen Elizabeth National Park which is famous for the tree climbing lions. You will do a game drive in Ishasha to look for the tree climbing lions and also spot other animals. You will then continue to the lodge for lunch and relaxation. In the late afternoon you shall enjoy a sundowner as you enjoy the scenery and spotting animals in a distance.

The journey to ishasha is a little treacherous as the road is muddy and bumpy but fun.



Journey time: 2 hours

Accommodation: Kazinga Channel view resort

Meal plan: Dinner, lunch , and Breakfast.

Journey time: 5 hours

Accommodation: La feve Hotel Entebbe

Meal plan: Dinner.

Guided City Tour  of  kampala 4 hours

Activities in Entebbe ,Tours  to:

  •         Botanical Gardens,
  •         Beach
  •         Motorcycle rides around Entebbe.
  •         Visit the local boat making areas and landing sites for arrival of agriculture products from the nearby islands.





Includes All Meals & Accommodations:

You stay in 2 triple rooms in Budget  accommodations. All accommodations are atmospheric, small and offer great views.

We retain the right to substitute the accommodations shown above with suitable accommodations if there is no availability.


The cost of the tour includes almost all meals, check the programme for the details.

All optional activities are not part of the cost will be paid separately once taken.

Transportation in a 4*4 Vehicle.

Journey time:

All journey times are close approximations, as you can never quite guarantee what will happen on the African roads… We could be in for a bumpy ride on parts of the route (which adds to the excitement of being on safari!); we may encounter road-works and of course, there are the photo stops. Either way, you can be certain that although you may be seated for long periods at times during the trip, you will be passing some spectacular countryside and there will always be something of interest to see along the way!


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A magnificent 19-day tour for a perfect prize! Favorite part was to get to know the guide and the driver, they are so friendly and experienced! They took us to so many beautiful places and adventures!!
Rickard O
Rickard O
My experience with Roger as a tourist guide in Uganda Awsome experience! We traveled around Uganda and saw animals, climbed Mt.Elgon and visited a tribe. Our guide was very genuine and funny. The only thing I would have liked more is a breifing of the day. Other than that I totally recommend Roger as a Tourist Guide!!
Evgenia Nikulina
Evgenia Nikulina
Murchison falls - a 3 day customized safari tour The Game Ranger Tours team took us to a three day safari to the Murchison falls - the national park in the north-western Uganda. The owner of the travel agency - Roger - prepared a customized programme for us. We left Kampala at about 1 pm and drove for about six hours to the park to catch the last ferry to the other side of Nile at 7pm. After crossing the river, we were accommodated in a beautiful lodge called Paraa Safari. Next morning we started early to safari game drive across the savannah grassland. Our tour guide and driver - Juuko knew every road in the park. He took us to places where we saw giraffes, buffaloes, hartebeests, antelopes, kobs, elephants and many more wild animals and birds. The drive was a fantastic experience we'll never forget. In the afternoon we got back to the lodge to have lunch and then at about 3 pm took a boat to the falls - so beautiful nature sight! On the third day, before heading back to Kampala Roger and Juuko took us to the top of the falls where we could actually see how powerfull and strong the waterfall is! On our way to Kampala we visited the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary too and were lucky to see a baby rhino and its parents. After the three full days of adventure, we safely returned to the capital. Thank you so much, Roger and Juuko, for taking care of us and for showing us how beautiful Uganda is. Hope to see you again!
Safari to Murchison Falls 3 days full of Adventure Big thanks to Game Ranger tours a travel agency in entebbe , we traveled late from kampala direct to the park we were staying at Paraa safari lodge .so we had to catch the 7 pm last ferry crossing which we did.finally to the hotel tired from a bumpy drive these are the adventures of a jeep drive.A welcome drink from the hotel staff ,a nice tour guide juuko well organised tour from the emails with clients from Bulgaria,sofia all ended well.big thanks roger
Adam Marek B
Adam Marek B
My woderful stay in Entebbe and Uganda During my stay in Entebbe, I eas able to fufil my childhood dreams, namely to touch the waters of Victoria Lake and, then, to travel to the soirces of the Nile. My best tour guide was, of course, Ras. His name has got a powerful meaning in Ethiopian, i.e. Prince. He is a genuine prince by heart, character and manner. To me, Entebbe is the city of God. Uganda and Tanzania are the countries to which I would always come back. If Africa has its heart, then the heart's two chambers are Tanzania and Uganda. To all white people like me, I wpuld like to say that the cradle of the mankind is to be found in Africa. My skin is white, but my heart is black. And I ma proud of it.
Cycling around Entebbe Game Ranger Provided us with his rented Bicycles And guided us for 3 hours to the best spots in entebbe.,roger is a nice guide i highly recommend his services to anyone who wants a guided tour of entebbe .roger too told us his local guiding services go beyond entebbe as he has set up his private tour company .