Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Tanzania searching for the African “big five” and gaining insights into the culture of the indigenous Maasai. Discover the epic, wildlife-rich Ngorongoro Crater and the rippling golden plains of the Serengeti; tour a Maasai village; and explore the area around the Olduvai Gorge, which has been occupied by humans—and their earliest ancestors—for almost two million years.


  • Enjoy an extended experience at a Masai village. Meet some of the incredible
    women who live here and learn how their lives have been impacted and their
  • Ngorongoro Crater Wildlife Safari Drive, Spot zebra, gazelles, buffaloes, and
    warthogs. The swamp and forest are home to hippos, rhinos, elephants, baboons,
    and monkeys. Keep your eyes peeled and camera ready to capture a pride of lions or
    a lone leopard walking along the crater floor.
  • Serengeti Wildlife Research Centre Lecture, Set in Serengeti National Park, the
    Serengeti Wildlife Research Centre is a base for many of the region’s top wildlife
    researchers and scientists.


Arrive at any time. Arrival transfer is included.

This morning, make your way to Mto wa Mbu village, a vibrant
settlement of Tanzania’s diverse tribal groups. Take a guided walk
through the village, visiting the local market and meeting artisans in
their workshops; then sit down for a traditional lunch with a local
family. Continue to the Rift Valley escarpment and settle into our
safari camp, located at the edge of Lake Manyara National Park.
Set out on our first safari drive to discover East Africa’s legendary
wildlife, searching for lions, elephants, hippos, giraffes, and more.

Travel through the breathtaking Rift Valley to a Maasai village.
Here, we learn about the supported Clean Cookstoves Project,
dedicated to providing clean-burning cookstoves to Maasai
communities throughout Tanzania. Enjoy a presentation by a
Masaai woman on the impact of the project, and take a guided tour
of the village, visiting traditional homes or bomas and helping build
a new stove. Continue to our safari camp in Serengeti National
Park, stopping en route at the Olduvai Gorge Museum and Visitor’s
Centre—located near the site where National Geographic
archaeologists Louis and Mary Leakey discovered early hominid
fossils and stone tools in 1960.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of the Serengeti, one of Africa’s
most celebrated wildlife reserves. Discover the park’s iconic
creatures when you set out in a 4x4 on morning and afternoon
safaris through the golden grasslands. With luck, spot all of Africa’s
“big five”—lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo. Later, visit the
Serengeti Wildlife Research Centre, and enjoy a talk by one of the
visiting researchers.

Depart the Serengeti this morning, looking out for the park’s wild
denizens along the drive. Check in to our comfortable tented camp
near the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a UNESCO World
Heritage site, and enjoy a fiery African sunset from the deck.

Spanning more than 20 kilometres in diameter, the Ngorongoro
Crater is the largest non-flooded caldera in the world and is
inhabited by some 25,000 animals. Descend into this green-walled
paradise early in the morning on safari. As you ride past herds of
zebra and flocks of flamingo, keep your eyes peeled for a pride of
lions or a lone leopard. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the floor of the
crater; then drive to Arusha.

Depart at any time.

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A magnificent 19-day tour for a perfect prize! Favorite part was to get to know the guide and the driver, they are so friendly and experienced! They took us to so many beautiful places and adventures!!
Rickard O
Rickard O
My experience with Roger as a tourist guide in Uganda Awsome experience! We traveled around Uganda and saw animals, climbed Mt.Elgon and visited a tribe. Our guide was very genuine and funny. The only thing I would have liked more is a breifing of the day. Other than that I totally recommend Roger as a Tourist Guide!!
Evgenia Nikulina
Evgenia Nikulina
Murchison falls - a 3 day customized safari tour The Game Ranger Tours team took us to a three day safari to the Murchison falls - the national park in the north-western Uganda. The owner of the travel agency - Roger - prepared a customized programme for us. We left Kampala at about 1 pm and drove for about six hours to the park to catch the last ferry to the other side of Nile at 7pm. After crossing the river, we were accommodated in a beautiful lodge called Paraa Safari. Next morning we started early to safari game drive across the savannah grassland. Our tour guide and driver - Juuko knew every road in the park. He took us to places where we saw giraffes, buffaloes, hartebeests, antelopes, kobs, elephants and many more wild animals and birds. The drive was a fantastic experience we'll never forget. In the afternoon we got back to the lodge to have lunch and then at about 3 pm took a boat to the falls - so beautiful nature sight! On the third day, before heading back to Kampala Roger and Juuko took us to the top of the falls where we could actually see how powerfull and strong the waterfall is! On our way to Kampala we visited the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary too and were lucky to see a baby rhino and its parents. After the three full days of adventure, we safely returned to the capital. Thank you so much, Roger and Juuko, for taking care of us and for showing us how beautiful Uganda is. Hope to see you again!
Safari to Murchison Falls 3 days full of Adventure Big thanks to Game Ranger tours a travel agency in entebbe , we traveled late from kampala direct to the park we were staying at Paraa safari lodge .so we had to catch the 7 pm last ferry crossing which we did.finally to the hotel tired from a bumpy drive these are the adventures of a jeep drive.A welcome drink from the hotel staff ,a nice tour guide juuko well organised tour from the emails with clients from Bulgaria,sofia all ended well.big thanks roger
Adam Marek B
Adam Marek B
My woderful stay in Entebbe and Uganda During my stay in Entebbe, I eas able to fufil my childhood dreams, namely to touch the waters of Victoria Lake and, then, to travel to the soirces of the Nile. My best tour guide was, of course, Ras. His name has got a powerful meaning in Ethiopian, i.e. Prince. He is a genuine prince by heart, character and manner. To me, Entebbe is the city of God. Uganda and Tanzania are the countries to which I would always come back. If Africa has its heart, then the heart's two chambers are Tanzania and Uganda. To all white people like me, I wpuld like to say that the cradle of the mankind is to be found in Africa. My skin is white, but my heart is black. And I ma proud of it.
Cycling around Entebbe Game Ranger Provided us with his rented Bicycles And guided us for 3 hours to the best spots in entebbe.,roger is a nice guide i highly recommend his services to anyone who wants a guided tour of entebbe .roger too told us his local guiding services go beyond entebbe as he has set up his private tour company .