Safari for Schools - How it works

Safari for Schools 

At Game Ranger we understand the difficulties inherent in planning and managing a project as large as an overseas expedition. That’s why we try to make the process of booking and setting up your school challenge as simple and flexible as possible.

Broadly speaking, there are two primary decisions you need to make when setting up your school challenge: how you want to fund your expedition, and whether you want to travel as a private or open group.

Group Types

Game Ranger school challenges are offered as both open and private departures. Our open groups depart at fixed dates throughout the year and are open to students of any school, whereas our private groups are tailor-made departures organised exclusively for your school. To learn more, let us know.

Funding Options

You have two options for funding your Game Ranger School Challenge: self-funding and sponsored. The self-funding option allows individuals students (or their school) to pay the cost of their challenge directly, while the sponsored option allows for the challenge costs to be paid for out of sponsorship money. It is also possible to combine the two options, funding a set percentage of your challenge cost directly and the rest out of sponsorship money. To learn more,

Contact us today to discuss further the various options available to your school. We can help you prepare an itinerary to suit your requirements, taking into account your budget, group size, and preferred dates of travel.

Price Guide, Private Expeditions

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