Bike Rental Uganda

Bike Rental Uganda Charges

Type:                         Price/Day

Suzuki DR 400cc       $45

Honda 250cc              $40

Bajaj 125cc/110cc      $35

All come with 3rd Party Insurance

Other Insurance cover: Collision Damage Waiver $15 per day per Bike.

Other Charges:

Helmet: $5 per day

Jacket:  $3 per day

Gloves: $3 per day

Waterproof Trousers: $3 per day

Custom Tour Rates


  • 1-5 day rental is $65 per day per bike
  • 5-10 day rental is $60 per day per bike
  • More than 10 days is $55 per day per bike


  • Tour guide  is $90 per day
  • support vehicle $100 per day
  • Spare bike $40 per day as long as its not being used. If used, the normal rates apply.

Also Note:

  • All bikes should be fueled up by the guest.
  • Guests must be over eighteen and have an original driving permit.
  • Guests will pay for any damages done to the bikes as stated in the waiver form.
  • All guests must sign the waiver (attached) in order to rent a bike.

Things to Note

 Traffic in Uganda is different from that in the Western World, especially in Kampala. Traffic is chaotic, with many road users fighting to be the first ones to cross. Outside Kampala, traffic is quiet as there are less road users. The main focus of motorbike riders is not only other road users but also cows, goats and children. When one of these appear at a distance, please slow down and be careful.

Unforeseen Circumstances

 Travelling by bike on roads where tourists normally don’t pass is more adventurous. Keep in mind that a bike can breakdown, get a puncture or any other mechanical problem. A mechanic is in the backup car for such cases, he’ll do his best to get the bike going as soon as possible. The route is planned before and tried by us to see how it is, but with the kind of dirty roads, it’s possible that after heavy rain, the road is washed away and becomes impassable. In such a case we have to look for an alternative which may take longer and might lead to change in the planned route. Take this as an extra adventure and together we shall look for the best way to adjust to the situation.

Clothing / Motorbike Gear

 Uganda is normally warm, while in the rain season it’s still warm and humid. For the evenings you may need a sweater. On the gorilla tour you need warm clothing and a light rain jacket. Shoes for walking in the mountains are the best option for the gorilla tour. On the bike you need your own helmet, gloves, protection, strong riding clothes and strong shoes or bike boots. Don’t forget some warm clothes for riding the bike, in some parts of Uganda it’s cold in the morning.


 Ask your local health authority or your own doctor which immunizations are needed for Uganda. Malaria is very common here so preventive medication is necessary. Take also something against diarrhoea, change of diet can sometimes give some nasty reaction in the stomach. Also handy is some medicine against allergy.


 Make sure you have a (for Uganda) valid travel and medical insurance. Carry the important telephone numbers for any emergency. Before taking off for the trip we ask everybody to hand in a list of import telephone numbers which we can call in case of an emergency. Damages on the motorbike have to be paid for by the rider (as a result of reckless driving or falling) at the end of the trip.

Travel documents

Make sure all the necessary travel documents are valid, we don’t take any responsibility for these documents. Passport should be valid. Visa will be bought at the airport on arrival (at the moment $50 per person). Driving permit should be an International Permit and valid for the period of the safari. Valid immunization card/booklet should have the stamps for the necessary immunizations.

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A magnificent 19-day tour for a perfect prize! Favorite part was to get to know the guide and the driver, they are so friendly and experienced! They took us to so many beautiful places and adventures!!
Rickard O
Rickard O
My experience with Roger as a tourist guide in Uganda Awsome experience! We traveled around Uganda and saw animals, climbed Mt.Elgon and visited a tribe. Our guide was very genuine and funny. The only thing I would have liked more is a breifing of the day. Other than that I totally recommend Roger as a Tourist Guide!!
Evgenia Nikulina
Evgenia Nikulina
Murchison falls - a 3 day customized safari tour The Game Ranger Tours team took us to a three day safari to the Murchison falls - the national park in the north-western Uganda. The owner of the travel agency - Roger - prepared a customized programme for us. We left Kampala at about 1 pm and drove for about six hours to the park to catch the last ferry to the other side of Nile at 7pm. After crossing the river, we were accommodated in a beautiful lodge called Paraa Safari. Next morning we started early to safari game drive across the savannah grassland. Our tour guide and driver - Juuko knew every road in the park. He took us to places where we saw giraffes, buffaloes, hartebeests, antelopes, kobs, elephants and many more wild animals and birds. The drive was a fantastic experience we'll never forget. In the afternoon we got back to the lodge to have lunch and then at about 3 pm took a boat to the falls - so beautiful nature sight! On the third day, before heading back to Kampala Roger and Juuko took us to the top of the falls where we could actually see how powerfull and strong the waterfall is! On our way to Kampala we visited the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary too and were lucky to see a baby rhino and its parents. After the three full days of adventure, we safely returned to the capital. Thank you so much, Roger and Juuko, for taking care of us and for showing us how beautiful Uganda is. Hope to see you again!
Safari to Murchison Falls 3 days full of Adventure Big thanks to Game Ranger tours a travel agency in entebbe , we traveled late from kampala direct to the park we were staying at Paraa safari lodge .so we had to catch the 7 pm last ferry crossing which we did.finally to the hotel tired from a bumpy drive these are the adventures of a jeep drive.A welcome drink from the hotel staff ,a nice tour guide juuko well organised tour from the emails with clients from Bulgaria,sofia all ended well.big thanks roger
Adam Marek B
Adam Marek B
My woderful stay in Entebbe and Uganda During my stay in Entebbe, I eas able to fufil my childhood dreams, namely to touch the waters of Victoria Lake and, then, to travel to the soirces of the Nile. My best tour guide was, of course, Ras. His name has got a powerful meaning in Ethiopian, i.e. Prince. He is a genuine prince by heart, character and manner. To me, Entebbe is the city of God. Uganda and Tanzania are the countries to which I would always come back. If Africa has its heart, then the heart's two chambers are Tanzania and Uganda. To all white people like me, I wpuld like to say that the cradle of the mankind is to be found in Africa. My skin is white, but my heart is black. And I ma proud of it.
Cycling around Entebbe Game Ranger Provided us with his rented Bicycles And guided us for 3 hours to the best spots in entebbe.,roger is a nice guide i highly recommend his services to anyone who wants a guided tour of entebbe .roger too told us his local guiding services go beyond entebbe as he has set up his private tour company .